About IUWE


Females. Fun. Foibles. Family.
Three generations of women explore the kaleidoscope of life's journey
in this wacky, thoughtful and ultimately uplifting original musical revue by Molly Conole.

For mothers, daughters, sisters, grandmas, those related to women, who've heard of women or desire to fathom their inner female fabulousness...this show's got it in Terrific, Telling Tunes!

The Cast - Grandma, Older Mom, Younger Mom, Daughter 1, Daughter 2 & the Piano Player - explore the complexities of our modern life’s journey, from “I” through “U” and “WE,” in this family-friendly musical revue that dares to ask big questions and often laughs through the answers.

Featuring instrumental as well as vocal talents, these 6 diverse characters express their unique perspectives in diverse songs - upbeat Broadway, hip hop, blues, gospel, chant, folk, lyrical ballads, and more. The result is thought-provoking, hilarious and empowering.

Performed as a 90-minute show without intermission, Act I provides an introduction to the unique perspective of each character’s egocentric “I.” What is my job? What do I want to do? How can I do something meaningful?  How can I laugh through this mess I'm in? Who am I?

Act II brings a widening look at “the other” - "U" - specifically through the eyes of motherhood and family-hood. How do I feel about you? What is my role as mother, child or other? How do I show you I care? How do I fail you? How do you push my buttons? How do I give you my best?

Moving outward, Act III deals with “WE.” Why are we here? Is there anybody out there listening or caring? What do we have in common? What does it all mean? How do we hurt and help each other on life’s journey? And how can we do better? 

IUWE is a show for all ages - everyone will take something from its spirited delivery, touching moments and relatable foibles.

In addition to the current 6-person format, the show also exists in 5- and 7-person formats, and requires minimal set, making it adaptable to a variety of production needs.


Molly Conole began the process of putting this show together in 2011, about a dozen years after its seeds were planted. Truthfully, she has been gathering material for it her whole life.

Similar to IUWE's Older Mom character, her life as a creative soul and mom has taken her on many divergent and sometimes conflicting paths, with music constantly beckoning through the busy years. As a late-blooming songwriter, her performances have been met with encouragement to compile her songs into a dramatic collection.

When Molly's mother, Sally Dunkley, herself an accomplished artist and creativity champion, was diagnosed with lymphoma in 2011, the preciousness and brevity of life's time together hit home. Molly found that IUWE's songs about mothers, daughters, sisters, dreams, hopes and fears just wrote themselves. Sally was the direct inspiration for the song "What Have I Taught Them?" which Molly wrote while sitting with her in the hospital. Although Molly's Mom sadly passed just after Christmas in 2011, Sally's great wit, sensitive heart and spirit live in each of IUWE's songs.

IUWE received its first staged reading on January 21, 2012 in Winter Park, FL. A condensed version of the seven-person show was performed for a live audience. It was well-received by theater professionals and the audience.

A fully-staged production of the complete seven-person version was performed on May 12, 2012, as a Benefit at First Congregational Church in Winter Park, FL, to tumultuous applause. An amateur video of this performance received an official nomination for an FMPTA Crystal Reel Award in the category of Best Musical Score, coming in 2nd place to the multimillion dollar fully produced score of the Florida-based movie "Dolphin Tale," starring Morgan Freeman and Harry Connick, Jr.

The five-person version of the show was performed as a staged reading at The Vineyard Playhouse of Martha's Vineyard, MA, as part of their prestigious Monday Night Specials New Play series on July 16, 2012, and received very enthusiastically.

The Original Cast Recording of IUWE's six-person version is currently in production. IUWE is scheduled to be performed at the 2013 Orlando International Fringe Festival - 7 performances at the Margeson Theater at the Orlando Shakespeare Center, between May 15 - 28, 2013.

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